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Woven Bags Plastic Bags Automated Packaging Lines QZB-900Z 2.5-25KG

Woven Bags Plastic Bags Automated Packaging Lines QZB-900Z 2.5-25KG

  • Woven Bags Plastic Bags Automated Packaging Lines QZB-900Z 2.5-25KG
  • Woven Bags Plastic Bags Automated Packaging Lines QZB-900Z 2.5-25KG
Woven Bags Plastic Bags Automated Packaging Lines QZB-900Z 2.5-25KG
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Brand Name: Ewinall
Certification: ISO9001:2008,CE,CCPIT,QMS
Model Number: QZB-900Z
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: packed into two wooden boxes
Delivery Time: 40 days
Supply Ability: 1 set per week
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Detailed Product Description
Weighing Range: 2.5kg-25kg Driven: Electric And Air
PLC: DELTA PLC Control Operate: Touch Screen Operate
Load Cell: METLLER TOLEDO Load Ecll Installation: Easy Connection
High Light:

2.5KG Automated Packaging Lines


25KG Automated Packaging Lines


Woven Bags Automated Packaging Lines

Automated Packaging Lines,QZB-900Z,Woven Bags, Plastic Bags, Both Can Be Used,2.5-25KG

QZB-900Z series packaging unit product description


1. Main technical parameters of packaging unit

1.1. Packaging material parameters

Material name: rice

Material form: granular

Moisture content of materials: Rice should meet the requirements in GB1354-2009, indica rice and indica glutinous rice ≤14.5%, japonica rice and japonica glutinous rice ≤15.5%.

Packaging material parameters:

model QZB-900Z1
Filling method 1 time/1 bag filling
bag material

a. M-side woven bag (double-sided lamination)

b. Flat woven bag (double-sided lamination)

c. Portable PE bag

d. Portable woven bag (double-sided lamination)

Filling quantity (kg/bag)

a. b. 5~25

c. 2.5~10


pocket closure

a. b. sewing machine

c. Inflatable heat sealing once, vacuum secondary heat sealing



A. The material of the bag is paper laminate/woven bag (with film inside)/plastic bag, and the bag mouth is a cold-cut packaging bag.

B.Sewing machine thread: 3×3 strands of strong vinylon or polyester tower thread.

C.Requirements for plastic packaging bags: Lay flat in the carton, no ropes are allowed to be tied, no bending or discounting is allowed, static electricity is not allowed in plastic packaging bags, and sticky chains are not allowed in plastic bags. Irregular positions and shapes are not allowed for plastic packaging clasps.

D.Packaging requirements for woven bags: flat, no nest corners, no bending phenomenon, woven bags with hand-held buckles, the position of the buckle needs to meet: the distance between the lower opening line of the buckle and the mouth of the bag is between 43mm and 45mm , the width of the clasp is 70mm±2mm, and the width of the clasp is 17mm±1mm. As shown in the figure. Woven bags require cold cutting and double-sided lamination.

E. Portable woven bag sewing bottom hem optional.


2. The main technical performance of the packaging unit

Packaging capacity (there is no pause during the normal operation of the equipment, and the test data is with japonica rice as the packaging material):

Package weight packing speed
2.5kg Inflatable (660 ~ 720) bags/hour; Vacuum (600 ~ 660) bags/hour;
5kg Inflatable (720-780 ) bags/hour; Vacuum (600-700 ) bags/hour; Woven bag (800-900 ) bags/hour;
10kg Inflatable (660 ~ 720) bags/hour; Vacuum (600 ~ 660) bags/hour; Woven bag (780 ~ 840) bags/hour;
15kg Woven bags (600-660 ) bags/hour;
25kg Woven bags (500-600 ) bags/hour;

Note: When using carbon dioxide gas packaging, the carbon dioxide gas must meet the requirements of the national standard GB10621-2006 with a purity of ≥99.9%.

Air source pressure: (0.5 ~ 0.7) MPa.

Air consumption: 367L/min for braiding and 767L/min for vacuum work.

Power consumption: AC380V±10%, 50Hz, three-phase five-wire system, grounding form: TN-S.

12kW for braided inflatable packaging; 15kW for plastic vacuum packaging.

Ambient temperature: (0 ~ 40) ℃.

Ambient humidity: no more than 90%RH at 40°C, greater humidity is allowed at low temperatures.

Dimensions Length × Width × Height (mm): 64 3 2 × 3894 × 3 440 (Excluding unpowered baler.)


3. Features

3.1. Three-in-one packaging unit, which is equipped with a fully automatic packaging unit that integrates woven bag packaging, inflatable fresh-keeping heat-sealing packaging, and double-sided vacuum packaging. (Folding function is optional)

3.2. After the equipment puts the bag manually, it can automatically complete the filling and sealing process, which is convenient and simple to operate. The equipment has the function of automatic adjustment in place to realize the storage of system parameter formula. When switching between different product phases, just click on the product phase to be produced on the touch screen, and the equipment will automatically adjust to the corresponding parameters, and the customer can automatically change production.

3.3. It adopts touch screen and PLC programmable centralized control system, and the transmission uses servo control, which has a high degree of automation. The specifications are changed quickly, and the product packaging specifications can be automatically and quickly changed to meet the needs of flexible production.

3.4. The combined bag feeding machine is suitable for automatic bag feeding of woven bags and PE buckle bags. Double-station bag feeding mechanism, no need to stop the machine for continuous bag feeding.

3.5. The equipment has a fault self-test prompt function, and the fault can be quickly eliminated according to the fault prompt. Maintenance is simple and convenient.

3.6. The equipment adopts a closed structure design and has a safety interlocking device.

3.7. The quantitative packaging scale adopts a separate cylinder to drive feeding, and a three-sensor weighing structure.

3.8. The weighing components are all in a closed working room to reduce corrosion and wear of components.

3.9. One-button production change: When switching packaging specifications, just touch the screen to click on the corresponding specification, and the equipment will automatically adjust to the corresponding position, and the equipment parameters will also be automatically changed to the corresponding parameters, truly realizing packaging automation.

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