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Rice Plastic Pellets Packing Machine Servo Motor Control 2.5KG - 50KG

Rice Plastic Pellets Packing Machine Servo Motor Control 2.5KG - 50KG

Rice Plastic Pellets Packing Machine Servo Motor Control 2.5KG - 50KG
Rice Plastic Pellets Packing Machine Servo Motor Control 2.5KG - 50KG
Rice Plastic Pellets Packing Machine Servo Motor Control 2.5KG - 50KG
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Brand Name: Ewinall
Certification: ISO9001:2008,CE,CCPIT,QMS
Model Number: DCS-50FS2
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: packed into two wooden boxes
Delivery Time: 20 days
Supply Ability: 5 sets per day
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Detailed Product Description
Weighing Range: 2.5kg-50kg Load Cell: METLLER TOLEDO Load Ecll
Conveyor: Auto Lifting PLC: DELTA PLC Control
Operate: Touch Screen Operate Installation: Easy Connection
Driven: Electric And Air Power: 380V,50HZ
High Light:

2.5KG Plastic Pellets Packaging Machine


Servo Motor Control Rice Packing Machine


50KG Rice Packing Machine

Rice, Plastic Pellets, Etc.Servo Motor Control. Ultrahigh Speed High Precision 2.5KG-50KG


DCS-50FS2 Intelligent Electronic Quantitative Packaging Scale Product Description
1. Scope of application
It is suitable for automatic quantitative packaging of materials with good fluidity (such as: rice, plastic particles, etc.).
2. Features:
a. High-speed weighing instrument + PLC dual-core control technology, efficient weighing calculation method; ensure the weighing speed of the equipment, and data acquisition and other functional requirements.
b. The stable three-sensor weighing structure, balanced layout of the weighing cylinder, reasonable force, prolong the service life of the equipment, and will not be disturbed by machine vibration in the workshop. It has high stability and anti-interference ability to ensure the accuracy of various packaging.
c. Friendly man-machine interface, simple and convenient equipment operation, reduce labor intensity, improve the intelligent level of workshop operation, intelligent storage of production reports, and data communication functions.
d. Intelligent one-key replacement. For different packages, the feeding device is automatically switched, and the conveyor is quickly switched to the appropriate position according to different packages. For different packages and different types of materials, the system automatically adjusts the weighing accuracy and speed to achieve the best weighing state of the system.
e. Safety and sanitation. In order to ensure food safety, the material contact parts such as feeding and weighing barrels are all made of stainless steel. The interior is polished smoothly to eliminate dead ends and no residual materials, so as to prevent the remaining rice from mildew and rancidity affecting the quality of rice.
f. To eliminate rodent infestation and acid corrosion, we have adopted a closed studio, all lines, sensors, and solenoid valves are equipped with steel wire grooves or protective iron boxes, which also isolate the corrosion and wear of rice flour and water vapor on the cylinder and sensors. The trouble-free running time of the equipment is extended.
g. Servo transmission design, reliable structure. Servo control speed, position accuracy is very accurate. Make the weighing action faster and more accurate.
h. Light and easy to turn, rotating column, multi-functional sealing method, according to different packaging and different sealing forms, a sewing machine and a heat sealing machine that can be switched by rotating are designed, so that users can feel the convenient and easy-to-use experience.
i. The habit of left and right hand operation, no matter which hand you are used to, you should get the same convenience during operation. The pocket switch with interchangeable left and right is specially designed to achieve the operation mode without difference between left and right hands.
j. The sliding column can be adjusted, suitable for a variety of operation modes, allowing you to make ordinary bag sewing, hemming bag sewing, heat sealing bag sewing, and operating distance as you like, showing unspeakable joy. (Optional folding and heat sealing machine)
k. The intelligent multi-point oil supply spray lubrication system of the sewing machine, we reasonably arrange the oil injection pipelines at more than a dozen key points of the sewing machine, and the oil mist particles are injected regularly and quantitatively through the calculation of the program to ensure the lubrication of each key moving part , you don't have to worry about forgetting to refuel the bag sewing machine. (optional)
l. Keep the freshness firmly locked. It has fresh-keeping gas input function to meet customers' personalized needs for rice packaging. (optional)
3. Technical parameters (applicable to rice)


Model DCS-50FS2
Weighing range (kg) 2.5~25
Display method touch screen
Packing speed (package/hour) 800~1200
Division value (g) 2
Accuracy class X(0.2)
Power consumption, air consumption 2 KW,(0.4~0.5)MPa 16.7L/min
Working environment relative humidity ≤ 90%, temperature (0 ~ 40) ℃
Power supply requirements AC220V±5% 50Hz;AC380V±5% 50Hz
Dimensions (mm)


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